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Government Law and Entities

Pender & Coward is dedicated to effectively and efficiently meeting the unique legal needs of government entities and agencies. Our attorneys understand that government entities and agencies have special concerns and sensitivities different from the private sector, and our attorneys have the experience to support our clients in their litigation, legislative, regulatory, and policy projects. We understand how the use of public funds requires that costs should always be monitored wisely, and we represent government entities and agencies in various areas of the law including but not limited to the following:

We also assist non-governmental organizations and private entities when dealing with governmental subdivisions. We understand that non-government entities have national policy and legal needs that must be represented outside of the Commonwealth. To that end, our firm has significant experience working within Capitol Hill that can be used to our clients’ advantage to meet their needs.

At Pender & Coward, our goal is to provide outstanding service, with integrity, to get results. We take pride in our down-to-earth, high touch approach delivering a full range of corporate and business legal services to meet every need.